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Android Spy App: Find the Best Apps for Monitoring

Do you suspect your spouse? Are you feeling insecure because of your partner’s mobile conversations? Are you worried about your children? Do you want to protect your children from cybercriminals?

You will need Cocospy, one of the best free android spy apps cheating spouse. With the use of spy apps, you can brush away your doubts and enjoy a strong relationship with your lovely spouse. Moreover, it is a legit way to track the activities of your children. Nowadays, cybercriminals can easily manipulate innocent children. Here are some reliable spy apps for Android phones.


Living with a cheating spouse can’t be easy because you will live in tension. This situation can increase your anxiety and depression. To avoid negative emotions, you must try the Cocospy android app. With this app, you will get proofs for a cheating spouse. Moreover, it is an excellent way to clear your doubts about an innocent partner. After clarifying all your doubts, you will be able to live a happy life.

Cocospy is a legitimate spy app for Android devices. You can use it without rooting a target device. With over millions of satisfied users, the customer satisfaction rate of this spy app is 96%. To use Cocospy, you will not need any technical knowledge. Install this spy app in a few minutes and start tracking any Android device. After installation, you will get real-time updates of the activities of a device. Feel free to track SMS, call logs, location, social media apps, browsing the history, videos, photos, and contacts.

Stealth feature is the best part of this spy app. It works mutely so your spouse will not get any hint of its presence in his/her phone. You can use all features of Cocospy app without rooting an Android device. With its incredibly low battery consumption, your spouse will not notice any suspicious activity. It needs only 2 MB in Android devices so the secret spying will be an easy job. After its installation, the icon will disappear automatically. Moreover, you can uninstall this app from Cocospy’s control panel.


It is another spy app to safeguard your business interest, protect your children, and catch a cheating spouse. With this app, it will be easy for you to check the browsing history, photos, and videos on mobile. Moreover, it can record phone calls and track the location of mobile even without activating the GPS feature of mobile. Their live support staff is always available for your assistance.

This app is famous for its tamper-proof qualities. It can quietly run in the background without notifying your employee or spouse. It is easy to install this app in an Android device. After installation, the app will immediately collect information about mobile. Feel free to access entries in the calendar, spy on text messages and calls, and control device remotely.


Spyera is a popular monitoring software with numerous spy features. It is equipped with some characteristics of sleuthing software, such as location tracking, listening to the surroundings of the device, eavesdropping on mobile conversations, accessing emails, chats, text messages, contact details, and MMS.

With this spy app, you can tap in the BBM messages of a person. This app may take a few minutes to set up, but you have to root an Android device. Spyera is compatible with all operating systems of Android.

Phone Sheriff

PhoneSheriff will give you access to browsing, calling, and texting. It allows you to block the access of your children to inappropriate content. Moreover, you can track the phone activities of your children, such as installed apps, contacts info, saved photos, and calls history. With the use of this app, you can collect recorded data in PDF, CSV, or XSL format. Moreover, you can see recorded information in the form of charts. Unlike expensive apps, PhoneSheriff lacks some advanced spying features.

This app is suitable for Android 2.2 – 7.1.2 versions. The spying program can work with CDMA and GSM carrier, such as Sprint, O2, T-Mobile, Alltel, Orange, Verizon, and AT&T. Unfortunately, it doesn’t provide support for the latest Oreo 8.0 Android OS. PhoneSheriff can help you to restore a device to its original state with its factory reset option. With its special options to manage multiple devices, you can manage 2 or more devices simultaneously.

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